Final Project Requirements
Using Web 2.0 Collaborative tools in K-12 Education

Your final project will be a culmination of your learning throughout the class. It will be an online portfolio of your work created and posted online and presented to a worldwide audience on our last day.Your work should include the following content posted to your wikispaces site;

o A 1 minute or longer video teaching an educational lesson posted on youtube, teachertube, ustream or similar site. - Be creative and try to think of some concept or skill you teach or demonstrate which can best be demonstrated through the use of video.

o Present an overview of 5 web 2.0 online collaborative sites the final evening of our class which will be broadcast live to the world on You should plan to present from the information you enter about the sites in your WIKI, and make sure to add the sites to the delicious bookmarks tagged with doaneweb2

o Share a sample collection of your own photographs posted to an online photo sharing site of your choice and tagged with creative commons!

o Send out 5 tweets on

o Create a short podcast on the educational topic of your choice, and post on your wiki site.

One Journal Article review about an educationally relevant technology article that deals with Web 2.0 collaborative technologies in k-12 education. Review should be one page double spaced, and should include a short summary of the article/site and your response or reaction to the content. Please include a copy of the web page or article you selected if possible.

Technology Plan
Submit a one-page paper detailing how you plan to integrate 1 web 2.0 technology or web site into your classroom. Double spaced and nothing too fancy, just explain to me one way you plan to use your new knowledge to help your students!

All assignments can be emailed to me at or posted to your favorite Web 2.0 site.